4 comments on “OGRE Mk. III-B

  1. i like to think that the III-B wasn’t as prevalent because the poor players with the cardboard versions of the game didn’t have a counter for it ;). With the KS kit i’ve now got 3 of them, and i certainly feel that the III-B is a more “viable” unit, but i still tend to play with the Mk III because i like shorter games.

  2. Looking at the Mk. III it seems like you could squeeze an extra two missiles easily onto the rear chassis. I kind of wish the “canon” Mk. III included 4 missiles. Would make the III-B unnecessary, I think (but still an interesting variant).

    The Mk. V configuration, however, is perfection.

  3. It would seem to me, with the “B” model loading another main battery, ammo & 2 missiles onto basically a MK. III chassis, that the “B” was probably pushing the design to the limit. This is not good in a combat vehicle, & I think the “B”‘s would likely be more prone to mechanical trouble of all kinds. The Mk III, a stable, mature & balanced design, was probably much more reliable, as well as cheaper. The “B” is kind of cool, however.

    • Agreed; logistical & maintenance concerns would tend to restrict deployment of the III-B, as opposed to their performance in battle.

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