So I ran the “2013 OGRE Mini-Tournament” in my basement between Christmas and New Year’s. I’ve included the original (proposed) agenda below, with added commentary to reflect actual game outcomes. Each “Session” was about one day of gaming.

I’ve used colour coding to indicate factions – the North American Combine and the Paneuropean Federation.

Session A – Introduction to OGRE:

Learn to play. Note that Victory Points (VPs) will not be accumulated in these games.

  • Game 1 (Basics): Combine Mk. III vs. Default Paneuro Defense (from Quickstart Rules) on the OGRE Map.
  • Game 2 (Stacking & Overruns): Combine Mk. V vs. Paneuro Four-Howitzer Defense on the OGRE Map.
  • Game 3 (Terrain Effects): Paneuro GEVs vs. Combine Howitzers on any GEV or Shockwave Map. (Appointment with Glory.)

Playing Time: ~3 hours.

Games 1 and 2 were total Combine victories. It’s darn difficult to defend against an OGRE… We ran Game 3 two times, swapping sides; the first was a Combine Defense victory, the second was a a Combine Attacker victory. Appointment with Glory is a fun scenario. Things were not looking good for Paneurope after Session A…

A few days later I played the Mk. III scenario twice with another player (swapping sides each time). Both times it was a complete OGRE victory. I introduced the game to another player after that, and we tried the Mk. V scenario. Again an OGRE victory. Got to brush up on my defense tactics, I guess.

Session B – Classic GEV Scenarios:

These are the tried-and-true classics from the original GEV release. Note that there are no OGREs in these games. This session represents some of the early Combine assaults on Paneurope. Victory Points will be accrued starting in Game 4.

  • Game 4 (Breakthrough): Combine GEVs vs. Paneuro Defense on Map G1.
  • Game 5 (Raid): Combine GEVs vs. Paneuro Defense on Map G1 or G2.
  • Game 6 (The Train): Combine vs. Paneuro Train on Map G1.

Estimated Time: ~3-4 hours.

We never actually played these scenarios. Everyone wanted to skip straight to the “big battles” with OGREs.

Session C – Large-Scale Battles:

The OGREs are back, and multi-map scenarios will be introduced. These represent some of the larger battles of the Last War. Victory points continue to accumulate throughout the session, leading to a final Tournament victor after Game 10.

  • Game 7 (Hammer & Anvil): Combine Ambush vs. Paneuro Mk. III on the OGRE Map. (Incorporating errata.)
  • Game 8 (Ceasefire Collapse): Equivalent forces of Combine vs. Paneuro on Map G1 or G2, using the OGRE variation.
  • Game 9 (I’ve Fallen): Paneuro Attackers vs. Combine Mk. IV Prototype on Maps G2 and S2.
  • Game 10 (Valley of Death): Equivalent forces of damaged OGREs; Combine vs. Paneuro on Maps G1, S1, and G2.

Total Playing Time: About two days (including extensive beer breaks).

We first tried the basic Ceasefire Collapse scenario. It was a decisive Combine victory with 72 VPs. We decided to try it again, this time with OGREs. The second battle was a blowout Paneuro victory with 266 VPs. (I did the trick of concentrating all my forces in one spot; the opponent spread out his defense.)

A few days later we ran I’ve Fallen. It was a complete Paneuro victory; the Combine engineers grouped too close together and were wiped out by opportunistic GEVs. I think the scenario needs a bit more work; in the end we decided not to track points.

On a different date we tried the Valley of Death. This one was a complete Combine victory, mostly because of unlucky damage rolls for the Paneuro cybertanks. Some tweaks required, but it was a really fun scenario. Again, since it was a playtest we didn’t track points.

Alternate Session – Three-Player Games:

Here are a few scenarios for three players (third faction in green).

  • Game 2 (Stacking & Overruns): Mk. III and Mk. III vs. Paneuro Four-Howitzer Defense on the OGRE Map. (Try using CP plus Jamscreen.)
  • Game 7 (The Black Knight): Combine Forces vs. Paneuro Forces vs. Rogue Mk. V on the OGRE Map. (Using the advanced three-player variant.)
  • Game X (Breakout): Combine Forces vs. Paneuro Remnants plus Paneuropean Reserves on Map G1. (Published online by David Morse.)
  • Game Y (Body Blow): Massive three-way battle. Combine Forces plus Black Rose Mercenaries vs. Paneuro Defenses on all the maps. (Using the three-player variant and allowing Mk. Is.)

Total Playing Time: A whole day.

With three players, we first tried two Mk. IIIs vs. the Paneuro Defense. In the end, the Jamscreen remained intact and both OGREs were immobilized. We declared a Paneuro victory.

Next, we ran Black Knight. The Rogue Mk. V played kingmaker and won decisively. We decided that the base scenario for two players would run better, dicing off for control of the rogue.

We then played Breakout, and it was about the best game of OGRE I’ve ever had. The Combine selected a Mk. V, which quickly wiped out the Paneuro Remnant (except for a few stragglers). However, this cost nearly all the OGRE’s missiles, and the Paneuropean Reserves were able to grind it down.

The game ended in epic fashion, as the OGRE risked all to get within secondary range of the remaining forces and got stuck in a swamp. Given enough time, the pitiful Paneuro LGEVs would be able to completely defang the beast. A marginal Paneuro victory was declared for 56 VPs.

On a separate evening, I ran a quick four-player game with two Mk. IIIs vs. a Fencer plus assorted armour. Disastrous dice rolls immobilized the Fencer with its secondaries intact, and the Mk. IIIs scored a complete victory.


One comment on “Tournament

  1. By my calculations, the “scored” scenarios left Paneurope ahead by 250 points. After initial Combine assaults on the continent, the Anglo scourge was pushed back to their barbaric lands.

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