Mk. V Counter (Red)Here are the OGRE scenarios from this site, collected for your convenience. You can also search using the “Scenarios” category.

First are two scenarios that are playable with the new OGRE 6e components:

  • Valley of Death: A large battle between OGREs (supported by cruise missiles) recently occurred occurred in a broad valley of strategic importance, and the forces have fought to a standstill. Each side controls a number of heavily-damaged OGREs which have now withdrawn to await reinforcements.
  • I’ve Fallen (and I Can’t Get Up): A capture-the-flag type scenario. Except instead of a flag, it’s a stuck OGRE. The Combine is sending in engineers who want to get the OGRE ‘unstuck’, while the Paneuro forces want to neutralize it then tow it away for analysis. Nobody asked the OGRE what it wants.

And here are some scenarios using custom maps:

  • Prelude to Invasion: A hacked OGRE must be stopped by the NoCal (Northern California) Civil Defence Force in downtown San Francisco. The OGRE’s target is a command facility located in Pacifica, a suburb south of San Francisco. This is where the Nihon defector has fled, and where he now reveals detailed plans about the upcoming invasion.
  • Fear and Loathing in Duluth: This scenario pits a rogue OGRE against the Combine forces in Minnesota.
  • Badlands Blockade: A variant of the “Breakthrough” scenario from GEV 9.02. A lightly-escorted group of Combine hovertrucks must penetrate a Paneuropean blockade of a rugged mountain pass.

Thoughts and comments are welcome. Playtests are strongly encouraged.


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