3 comments on “I’ve Fallen (Scenario)

  1. Cool scenario! Thanks for sharing it. One question about this paragraph:

    2.40 Unit Placement. The defender places the stuck OGRE first, in swamp hex G-2305/S-0105. After the defender has placed his OGRE, the defender places his remnant units. They must all be located within 4 hexes of the trapped OGRE.

    Should that second “defender” (bolded) actually say “attacker”? It sounds like you’re referring to the remnants of the PE division.

  2. Good catch; I’ve gone back and fixed that.

    Also – I playtested this scenario last night for the first time in close to ten years. (It was a regular defender victory.)

    I’ve got a list of updates that I’ll make when I have a chance – but the main one is that the attacker’s remnant forces need to be a bit larger. Change the “two light tanks” to “two rolls on the reinforcement table” from the “Raid” Scenario (p. 4 of the OGRE 6e Scenario Book). Also, increase the number of remnant infantry to 6 squads.

    UPDATE 16-Dec-13: I’ve revised the scenario with the above change, and now also allow attacking forces to enter from anywhere along the eastern map edge.

  3. I ran through another playtest tonight… The Combine scraped through with a total victory – but it was actually much closer than that, as it came down to a some lucky shots in the end.

    I believe I will add Paneuro reinforcements, however, to encourage the defender to act decisively…

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